News for October 14, 2022

Google Translate Phishing
by Artie Kaye

This is an email scam. The message will warn of important information that will be deleted soon, and then give a link that will take the user to what looks like a login form.  While the form might resemble a Google Translate page, it mimics the appearance to trick people into entering their password.  The entire page is a fabrication designed only to steal credentials.

If you get an email that makes itself out to be extremely urgent, double-check any links within it. Your best option is to manually open the login for the account in question and check there. Links and file attachments should not be completely trusted, no matter who they are from. Scan all documents and check all links.

Microsoft Office to be Rebranded as Microsoft 365
by Artie Kaye

Microsoft does not plan to remove any programs from the program suite.  This change simply reflects the software as a service direction that the company is moving toward.  Office 2021 will still be available after the rebranding as a single purchase license.  It is unknown how long Microsoft will continue to offer this.