Tag: Phishing

  • MetaStealer and Teams Phishing

    Macs are prone to a data-stealing malware, and compromised Microsoft Office accounts lead to phishing attempts in Teams.

  • WP Plugin Patch and PhaaS

    A certain WordPress plugin is patched against a security flaw, and “phishing-as-a-service” is a real thing, especially against Microsoft 365 accounts.

  • Silicon Valley Scams and ID Theft

    Fallout from Silicon Valley Bank provides a target-rich environment for scammers, and while personal ID theft is a problem, so is business ID theft. Learn more here.

  • News for November 21, 2022

    News for November 21, 2022

    ‘Tis the season for holiday phishing emails. Here are some tips that will keep you saying, “Ho ho ho!” instead of “Oh no NO!” Also, Google provides a solution to the abuses of the Cobalt Strike tool, Artie offers up his opinion on web site authentication, and Atlassian and Mozilla release updates and security patches…

  • News for October 14, 2022

    In today’s news: Getting a warning about emails that might get deleted unless you take action? If the link directs to what appears to be a Google Translate login, this is most likely a scam. Also, Microsoft is working to rebrand its Office suite as Microsoft 365.