News for August 26, 2022

Carbon Black Causing Blue Screen of Death
by Artie Kaye

Some users of Carbon Black by VMware have been facing difficulties booting their systems after a recent update.  The problem arises from updated security rulesets, which prevent certain devices from authenticating properly on boot.  This presents as continuous BSoD’s some with the error code of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.  The company has since rolled back this back and is still working with customers still affected.  It is unknown as of right now what is causing the failure.  The recommended work around is to place affected sensors into bypass mode using the programs console to allow the device to reboot properly to remove the updated ruleset.  If this does not work, rebooting the device in safe mode until it functions is the next step.  The company’s information regarding this can be found in the link below.

LastPass Data Breach
by Artie Kaye

LastPass is a company that develops password management software.  In early August they had a data breach.  Source code and technical information were accessed in the attack.  The company states that no customer information has been touched.  However, if client information were compromised, the company holds that master passwords are not stored at all on their end.  Their statement can be read at the link below.

Firefox 104 Update
by Artie Kaye

Mozilla has released an update to Firefox this week to address a few high severity flaws.  A few of the flaws addressed could be used to access microphones or cameras without user knowledge.  Others could be used for phishing.  If you use Firefox, update to the latest release to patch over these vulnerabilities.  Detailed information on the flaws can be found in the Mozilla link below.

Cisco Vulnerability Patches
by Artie Kaye

Two NX-OS flaws were addressed by Cisco, both capable of preventing communication on the device, with one allowing execution of code.  Additionally an elevation of privilege flaw was fixed in the ACI Multi-site Orchestrator.  Many devices were affected so please follow the Cisco links below to learn more about the specific problems and obtain the patches.

The flaws are listed as CVE-2022-20823 and CVE-2022-20824.