Tag: Update

  • Microsoft Woes: FIXED; Zyxel Patch

    Remedies for Microsoft woes are now available and Zyxel releases a very important patch update for multiple devices.

  • News for October 19, 2022

    In this week’s news: Google using passkeys instead of passwords; Zimbra, Fortinet, and Mac versions of Zoom all have patches that should be applied as soon as possible; End-of-life VMware software should be removed from service and upgraded; and Windows 11 features are still evolving.

  • News for October 5, 2022

    Today’s brief covers the release of additional recommendations to prevent Exchange Server exploits, Avast is able to decrypt certain variants of ransomware, and Android devices are getting targeted by spyware.

  • News for September 26, 2022

    Morgan Stanley Improper Data Disposalby Artie Kaye The financial company was issued a civil money penalty by the SEC regarding improper disposal of their data storage.  Unwiped storage found its way into the hands of private citizens.  Personal identifying information was still on drives and network devices.  Not all devices believed to be unwiped have […]

  • News for September 14, 2022

    WordPress Privilege Escalation Exploitby Artie Kaye Users of the plugin WPGateway are being actively targeted.  This tool is meant to help unify multiple plugins and give better access to administrator duties.  The exploit allows for the insertion of an unauthorized admin profile.  Compromised accounts have been found to have a new administrator login created named […]