August 2022 Patch Tuesday

by Artie Kaye

Once a month many tech companies release large patches to fix various problems that arise.  This has become known as Patch Tuesday.  This is to inform which companies have made announcements about important patches.  For in depth information regarding the patches, the links will be below each section.

Two zero-day flaws addressed, and 121 total flaws patched.  One named DogWalk allowed for remote code execution and has been actively exploited, the other gave access to read emails.  17 of the patched issues are listed as critical by Microsoft.

They announced that 25 bugs had been patched across their product line.  Arbitrary code execution, data leaks, and privilege escalation are among the problems addressed today.

Many vulnerabilities which exist in their commercial and consumer routers have been addressed.  Flaws in their software have also been patched.

Android operating systems have a plethora of high level threats addressed this month, and one critical.  These affect versions 10 and later.

4 bugs have been patched in VMware’s products.  These have not seen known exploitation in the wild.  However, the exploit code has been made publically available.  This means that anything unpatched will be targetable.

This is a reminder to update and patch your software and hardware to keep your data safe.