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  • CISA Update for July 2023

    by Artie Kaye Here’s an updated list of the CISA active exploits that should be addressed as soon as possible.  The list may contain issues that were patched in previous years.  These vulnerabilities remain open and exploitable because the devices in question are not updated and thus remain insecure.  While this list is mandatory only…

  • Patch Tuesday for June 2023

    by Artie Kaye With patch Tuesday coming around again, many companies have released updates to many of their products.  It can be a good practice at this time to double check that your frequently used devices and programs are up to date as well. All links will open a new window or tab. QUICK NAVIGATION:…

  • News for June 7, 2023

    Unused Google accounts will get the boot, and Barracuda now strongly urges users to replace flawed products.

  • News for June 2, 2023

    Google Drive Forensics Blindspot by Artie Kaye Users connecting to Google drive are initially set up with the default free account. Free accounts have no tracking or history as to what files have been copied to or from them. Analytics become available when the account is upgraded. This lack of tracking can be used to exfiltrate data…

  • CISA Active Exploits – May 2023

    Several patches are out that target dozens of exploits and vulnerabilities. Make sure your software is up-to-date!