Tag: Zero-Day

  • News for November 25, 2022

    Luna Moth is pestering small businesses, attempting to get victims to make a phone call and allow remote access, and Emotet Botnet is resurfacing. Both of these issues stress the importance of examining email attachments before opening them. Also, the Ducktail ransomware is back, and Microsoft and Google have critical patches out for their software.

  • News for November 6, 2022

    Acting quickly on zero-day vulnerabilities increases your protection against an exploit. A link to Microsoft’s security report outlining the importance of this available here.

  • News for October 5, 2022

    Today’s brief covers the release of additional recommendations to prevent Exchange Server exploits, Avast is able to decrypt certain variants of ransomware, and Android devices are getting targeted by spyware.

  • News for September 30, 2022

    September wraps up with the following events: Two new vulnerabilities have been reported for Microsoft Exchange Servers. A former employee holds a company’s website and email hostage. New phishing scam involving fake government jobs is out in the wild. Fake LinkedIn user accounts are being used to distribute malware. Cisco releases a patch for their products.

  • News for August 17, 2022

    RealTek SDK Vulnerabilityby Artie Kaye A serious flaw was discovered in a chip manufactured by RealTek.  This could allow remote access, code execution, even rerouting or complete takeover of traffic through the device.  The chip is used in millions of devices manufactured before March 2022.  Since the chip was sold to manufacturers all over the […]