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  • Patch Tuesday December 2022

    We’ve got a list of patch updates ranging from “Adobe” through “VMWare”. Read more to see what your favorite vendors have available.

  • Patch Tuesday for November 2022

    by Artie Kaye One Tuesday every month most tech companies release large patches fixing a variety of problems in their products.  This Patch Tuesday sees very good news from Microsoft.  The Mark of the Web and ProxyNotShell vulnerabilities have been addressed.  Below are a list of companies which have released important updates this month. Microsofthttps://msrc.microsoft.com/update-guide/en-us/releaseNote/2022-Nov…

  • News for November 8, 2022

    VMWare releases a critical patch that also applies to EOL software. Malware posing as ransomware is really a data wiper. Facebook might have your email and phone number even if you don’t use the service… Now there’s a tool to remove it.

  • News for October 19, 2022

    In this week’s news: Google using passkeys instead of passwords; Zimbra, Fortinet, and Mac versions of Zoom all have patches that should be applied as soon as possible; End-of-life VMware software should be removed from service and upgraded; and Windows 11 features are still evolving.

  • News for August 26, 2022

    Carbon Black Causing Blue Screen of Deathby Artie Kaye Some users of Carbon Black by VMware have been facing difficulties booting their systems after a recent update.  The problem arises from updated security rulesets, which prevent certain devices from authenticating properly on boot.  This presents as continuous BSoD’s some with the error code of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. …