• Patching QNAP, Microsoft Hacked, and Impersonation Apps

    Major flaws found in many QNAP products patched, Microsoft is informing the public about their recent hack, and Apple removes a crypto stealer from their app store.

  • CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities January, 2024 Update

    Happy New Year! We start of 2024 with a list of high-severity flaws that were added in December. Take a look and apply patches as needed.

  • CISA Active Exploit List Updated September 8, 2022

    by Artie Kaye The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have added 12 items to their list of must address exploits.  The date to fix by is September 29, 2022.  As these are actively being used by attackers in the wild it is recommended to resolve the issues.  Below are the CVE numbers, the companies,…

  • News for September 5, 2022

    Cross Platform Ransomware Threat BianLianby Artie Kaye This malware targets a Microsoft Exchange Server Proxy vulnerability chain and SonicWall VPN devices to leverage access.  The hackers can spend upwards of 6 weeks searching through systems before initiating encryption.  It is capable of starting servers in safe mode before beginning the encryption.  To be extra thorough,…

  • News Week Ending June 5, 2022

    Sophos Firewall Patchby Artie Kaye A high threat vulnerability has been found in Sophos Firewall.  Sophos has identified the problem and has released a patch.  If you’re running Sophos Firewall version 18.5.3 or older, patch this as soon as you can.  It is actively being sought after and exploited by malicious entities.   The flaw is…