Tag: PSA

  • Phishing PSA

    Victims fall subject to caller ID spoofing and phishing attempts. You can no longer rely on caller IDs to know who is calling.

  • Passkeys, Deepfakes, and Credit Card Skimming

    Passkeys enter open beta, credit cards are being skimmed at online retailers, and the FBI posts an announcement regarding deepfake extortion.

  • PSA – Increase in IRS Phishing Scams

    by Artie Kaye The IRS has issued an alert warning of an exponential increase in SSM, SMS, and text based scams.  The IRS do not send out text messages or emails requiring personal information to be submitted.  If you get a message on your phone or email asking you to submit information, this is a…


    EAS Broadcasts Could Be Spoofedby Artie Kaye There is a possibility in the coming weeks to have false or misleading EAS messages sent out due to a vulnerability. FEMA, the FCC, and DHS have all issued warnings in the last 2 weeks about the vulnerability in the Emergency Alert System.  The flaw lies in the…

  • News Week Ending July 17, 2022

    Youtube Horror Video Marked for KidsBy Artie Kaye On July 5th, Kris Straub, the owner of the Youtube channel Local58TV tweeted about a change to one of his videos.  A video titled “Show For Children” had its designation changed to kid friendly.  The video in question is a disturbing cartoon fitting the horror theme of…