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  • Critical Cisco Flaw and Good Admin Passwords

    Cisco has a super-critical zero-day flaw in IOS XE, and research shows that default and “easy” passwords are the most common passwords used by admins.

  • News for October 21, 2022

    Recent Rapid7 study shows that there are still a significant number of users with risky password habits. Google releases a tool to track software security metadata. Wordpress and Oracle have updates and patches available that should be applied as soon as possible.

  • News for September 21, 2022

    Spellcheck Password Transmissionby Artie Kaye Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have advanced spell check features that can be used.  Chrome’s is a toggle in the settings, and Edge is an addon one can install.  These functions communicate the data you type in to servers at the respective companies to aid in spell checking.   Cybersecurity firm…

  • News for August 8, 2022

    Tools To Recover From Ransomwareby Artie Kaye Ransomware is a threat to companies and individuals alike.  6 years ago an endeavor was started by law enforcement and security firms.  The result was No More Ransom.  This organization collects data on ransomware attacks, encryption methods, and has released software to help recover any data that has…