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  • Patch Tuesday for March 2023

    A wide variety of updates are provided in what is known as “Patch Tuesday”. Keep your software up-to-date with these latest patches.

  • Patch Tuesday December 2022

    We’ve got a list of patch updates ranging from “Adobe” through “VMWare”. Read more to see what your favorite vendors have available.

  • News for December 3, 2022

    FCC has now banned the sale of several Chinese brands of technology in the US. Google shifts Android development to the Rust programming language. LastPass acknowledges a second data breach, but believes customer information is still safe. Google and NVidia have also released patches this past week, so be sure to check for the updates.…

  • News Week Ending March 20, 2022

    Lapsus$ Hacks Samsung by Artie Kaye Samsung confirmed on March 7th that they had been hacked.  The hackers copied information from their servers related to the Galaxy system code.  Samsung states that no personal data was copied.  Ransoming the data is what normally happens after attacks like this, but all 190 gigs were posted online for…