Tag: Microsoft

  • News for October 10, 2022

    Email is a hot topic today as Microsoft rolls out a fix for Outlook crashes and Zimbra makes recommendations for a vulnerability in its email cloud virus scanner. Also, Android gets a patch from Google.

  • News for October 7, 2022

    CISA has a list of 20 top vulnerabilities exploited by foreign attackers, Meta discovers malicious apps stealing social media credentials, “Maggie” is the name of a new Microsoft SQL backdoor, and Cisco and Fortinet release patches for their systems… All in today’s news brief.

  • News for September 30, 2022

    September wraps up with the following events: Two new vulnerabilities have been reported for Microsoft Exchange Servers. A former employee holds a company’s website and email hostage. New phishing scam involving fake government jobs is out in the wild. Fake LinkedIn user accounts are being used to distribute malware. Cisco releases a patch for their…

  • News for September 23, 2022

    Twitter Not Logging Users Out After Password Resetby Artie Kaye After manually changing one’s password, the platform was not signing users out of all instances.  This affected Android and iOS users, not desktop access.  After this came to light, Twitter took actions on accounts that it suspected might have been affected, logging users out across…

  • News for September 2, 2022

    Microsoft Finally Ending Basic Authby Artie Kaye The function of basic auth has been to allow authentication data to be sent across the internet in plain text.  This is a security risk, and the function was announced to be removed in 2019.  Starting in October it will be disabled partly, allowing those who still use…