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  • macOS XLoader Malware

    The XLoader Malware as a Service (Maas) has a new variant for Apple Mac systems that is currently undetected.

  • News for October 19, 2022

    In this week’s news: Google using passkeys instead of passwords; Zimbra, Fortinet, and Mac versions of Zoom all have patches that should be applied as soon as possible; End-of-life VMware software should be removed from service and upgraded; and Windows 11 features are still evolving.

  • News for August 17, 2022

    RealTek SDK Vulnerabilityby Artie Kaye A serious flaw was discovered in a chip manufactured by RealTek.  This could allow remote access, code execution, even rerouting or complete takeover of traffic through the device.  The chip is used in millions of devices manufactured before March 2022.  Since the chip was sold to manufacturers all over the…