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  • Patch Tuesday for June 2023

    by Artie Kaye With patch Tuesday coming around again, many companies have released updates to many of their products.  It can be a good practice at this time to double check that your frequently used devices and programs are up to date as well. All links will open a new window or tab. QUICK NAVIGATION:…

  • Patch Tuesday for March 2023

    A wide variety of updates are provided in what is known as “Patch Tuesday”. Keep your software up-to-date with these latest patches.

  • Patch Tuesday for January 2023

    It’s time again for Patch Tuesday! Update your favorite brands with this handy index ranging from Adobe to Zyxel.

  • Patch Tuesday December 2022

    We’ve got a list of patch updates ranging from “Adobe” through “VMWare”. Read more to see what your favorite vendors have available.

  • News Week Ending May 1, 2022

    Discord Phishingby Artie Kaye Discord is a program used by many to keep in touch on phones or PC.  Because of how Discord runs on these devices, malicious people have found methods of gaining access to other people’s devices through links and images sent over the program.  Usually, there will be a claim for a…