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  • Downfall, Inception, and Office

    Downfall affects 6th through 11th generation CPUs, and Inception similarly targets AMD CPUs. Find out about the latest patches to keep your systems safe.

  • Patch Tuesday for January 2023

    It’s time again for Patch Tuesday! Update your favorite brands with this handy index ranging from Adobe to Zyxel.

  • Patch Tuesday December 2022

    We’ve got a list of patch updates ranging from “Adobe” through “VMWare”. Read more to see what your favorite vendors have available.

  • News Week Ending July 24, 2022

    RetbleedBy Artie Kaye Retbleed is a recently discovered attack vector which targets the CPU.  While testing different potential attack methods, researchers in Zurich were able to replicate this data leak.  The data leak method, which affects processers from both AMD and Intel, was believed to have been addressed with previous firmware patches.   Speculative execution attacks…

  • News Week Ending May 8, 2022

    Global Privacy Controlby Artie Kaye A little over a decade ago, the Do Not Track header was proposed as something which would prevent websites from tracking personal information online.  It wasn’t well implemented and gradually died off.  The concept, however, stayed alive.  Global Privacy Control is an updated concept in the same vein that is…