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  • News for November 8, 2022

    VMWare releases a critical patch that also applies to EOL software. Malware posing as ransomware is really a data wiper. Facebook might have your email and phone number even if you don’t use the service… Now there’s a tool to remove it.

  • News for October 7, 2022

    CISA has a list of 20 top vulnerabilities exploited by foreign attackers, Meta discovers malicious apps stealing social media credentials, “Maggie” is the name of a new Microsoft SQL backdoor, and Cisco and Fortinet release patches for their systems… All in today’s news brief.

  • News for September 14, 2022

    WordPress Privilege Escalation Exploitby Artie Kaye Users of the plugin WPGateway are being actively targeted.  This tool is meant to help unify multiple plugins and give better access to administrator duties.  The exploit allows for the insertion of an unauthorized admin profile.  Compromised accounts have been found to have a new administrator login created named…

  • News Week Ending July 31, 2022

    Almost All Business Infrastructure Compromisedby Artie Kaye Security firm Barracuda surveyed the IT heads of 800 organizations with more than 500 employees.  94% of those surveyed were attacked.  87% had their operations influenced for a day or more.  Things like lack of multi factor authentication (MFA,) manual security updates, and weak network security in general…