Tag: DDoS

  • News for August 24, 2022

    Palo Alto Networks Firewall DoS Bug Exploitedby Artie Kaye Caused by a URL filtering policy misconfiguration, PAN firewalls could be used to act as a vector for RDoS attacks.  Reflected Denial of Service attacks take advantage of a third party to stage the attack from, bouncing the attacks off of a service or in this […]

  • News Week Ending May 22, 2022

    New Cybercrime Reporting Rulesby Artie Kaye Reporting cybercrimes is going to be mandatory for specific entities in the near future thanks to the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022.  The basics of this are that if your company falls under the umbrella of this law, it will be required to report certain […]

  • News Week Ending March 6, 2022

    Children launching DDoS attacks against schools in UKby Artie Kaye UK Law enforcement found a large increase in use of denial of service (or DoS) attacks.  These attacks are being committed by children and have been used against schools in the UK.  Law enforcement is taking preventative measures to educate across the country highlighting which […]