Tag: Data Breach

  • Xfinity Breach and BlackCat Ransomware

    Xfinity suffered a data breach in October and ransomware group BlackCat was raided by the FBI.

  • News for January 25, 2023

    More details about the LastPass breach and LearnPress plugin users need to apply the latest update to address multiple security flaws.

  • News for January 20, 2023

    PayPal and T-Mobile both suffer data breaches. It’s a good idea to change passwords, and while you’re at it, check out the latest patches for Cisco, Drupal, and Oracle.

  • News for December 3, 2022

    FCC has now banned the sale of several Chinese brands of technology in the US. Google shifts Android development to the Rust programming language. LastPass acknowledges a second data breach, but believes customer information is still safe. Google and NVidia have also released patches this past week, so be sure to check for the updates.…

  • News for September 19, 2022

    Glasses Can Reflect Information To Webcamsby Artie Kaye What is displayed on your screen can be picked up and reflected to people in a Skype or Zoom call.  Text can be reflected off the lenses and potentially be deciphered by anyone that has the video.  The capability of the camera doesn’t have to be that…