Tag: Android

  • CISA Update October 2023

    It’s the monthly major updates from CISA as we start off October.

  • Xenomorph Android Banking Malware

    It’s not an alien invasion, but it is seriously dangerous malware that leads to fraudulent financial activity on your bank account. Read more here.

  • Patch Tuesday July, 2023

    As always, Patch Tuesday is a great opportunity to get a variety of software up-to-date with the latest security features. Check here for your favorite software, firmware, and operating system.

  • Patch Tuesday for June 2023

    by Artie Kaye With patch Tuesday coming around again, many companies have released updates to many of their products.  It can be a good practice at this time to double check that your frequently used devices and programs are up to date as well. All links will open a new window or tab. QUICK NAVIGATION:…

  • CISA Active Exploits – May 2023

    Several patches are out that target dozens of exploits and vulnerabilities. Make sure your software is up-to-date!