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  • CISA Active Exploits – May 2023

    Several patches are out that target dozens of exploits and vulnerabilities. Make sure your software is up-to-date!

  • Patch Tuesday for March 2023

    A wide variety of updates are provided in what is known as “Patch Tuesday”. Keep your software up-to-date with these latest patches.

  • Patch Tuesday for January 2023

    It’s time again for Patch Tuesday! Update your favorite brands with this handy index ranging from Adobe to Zyxel.

  • Patch Tuesday December 2022

    We’ve got a list of patch updates ranging from “Adobe” through “VMWare”. Read more to see what your favorite vendors have available.

  • August 2022 Patch Tuesday

    by Artie Kaye Once a month many tech companies release large patches to fix various problems that arise.  This has become known as Patch Tuesday.  This is to inform which companies have made announcements about important patches.  For in depth information regarding the patches, the links will be below each section. MicrosoftTwo zero-day flaws addressed,…