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  • News Week Ending July 31, 2022

    Almost All Business Infrastructure Compromisedby Artie Kaye Security firm Barracuda surveyed the IT heads of 800 organizations with more than 500 employees.  94% of those surveyed were attacked.  87% had their operations influenced for a day or more.  Things like lack of multi factor authentication (MFA,) manual security updates, and weak network security in general […]

  • News Week Ending July 24, 2022

    RetbleedBy Artie Kaye Retbleed is a recently discovered attack vector which targets the CPU.  While testing different potential attack methods, researchers in Zurich were able to replicate this data leak.  The data leak method, which affects processers from both AMD and Intel, was believed to have been addressed with previous firmware patches.   Speculative execution attacks […]

  • News Week Ending July 17, 2022

    Youtube Horror Video Marked for KidsBy Artie Kaye On July 5th, Kris Straub, the owner of the Youtube channel Local58TV tweeted about a change to one of his videos.  A video titled “Show For Children” had its designation changed to kid friendly.  The video in question is a disturbing cartoon fitting the horror theme of […]

  • News Week Ending July 10, 2022

    Coinbase Login Security Flawby Artie Kaye If you deal in cryptocurrency and are a user of CoinBase, you should know about a security concern regarding their login page.  When you type in an email address for the login, if there is no account registered with that address, it will return a message stating “no account […]

  • News Week Ending July 3, 2022

    Windows Autopatchby Artie Kaye An upcoming feature being rolled out for Windows Enterprise E3 in July:  The Autopatch.  This is designed to patch all computers on a business network to prevent possible errors from version compatibility and maintain security updates.  These patches will install automatically as the name implies, without assistance from users.  The autopatch […]