Patch Day

by Artie Kaye

Every second Tuesday is referred to as “Patch Tuesday” in the tech industry. Going forward we will not be giving lists of all the major patches which are released. Instead, we’ll be offering two things: a short list of the most notable or urgent patches, and a reminder to check on the updates to your products or services. Putting off updates can leave you vulnerable, so here is your monthly reminder to check and update!

Apple has patched a vulnerability chain on iPhones which can allow malware to install without user interaction. This has been exploited in the wild. 

Chrome has addressed multiple bugs in their browser, which include “use-after-free”, memory out-of-bounds, and JavaScript type confusion. Results of these bugs range from denial of service to arbitrary code execution on the affected system.

Atlas VPN has patched their services to remove a bug which could expose the user’s IP address.

Third-Party references:

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