CISA Update September 2023

by Artie Kaye

A monthly update of high severity flaws which are actively being exploited.  If using any of the programs or devices it is advised to take the recommended steps to mitigate.  Wyo Support News may have reported on some of these vulnerabilities in the past.  Below are the items added in August. (Links open in a new browser tab/window.)

CitrixCVE-2023-24489Content Collaboration
Ignite RealtimeCVE-2023-32315 Openfire
IvantiCVE-2023-38035 Sentry
MicrosoftCVE-2023-38180 .NET Core and Visual Studio
RARLABCVE-2023-38831 WinRAR
VeeamCVE-2023-27532 Backup & Replication
ZyxelCVE-2017-18368 P66HN-T1A Routers