New TLDs Spark Debate

Top Level Domains: .zip and .mov

by Artie Kaye

A handful of new top level domains (TLDs) have been made available for public use. Two of these have potential for causing security problems. The domains are .zip and .mov, both of which are also type extensions for files commonly transmitted over the internet. Some malicious websites have already been registered using these domains.

As you will see in the articles linked below, feelings are mixed about having these TLDs available. Let this be a reminder to develop and exercise security habits already known to keep information safe. 

  • Never click on links or files that are from an unknown source.
  • Double check URLs by mousing over links.
  • Verify the website you’re logging into is actually the correct website. 

Maintaining basic cybersecurity hygiene will do a lot to protect against any phishing schemes using these new domains.

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