News for January 6, 2023

Many Car Brands Affected by Vulnerabilities
by Artie Kaye

Flaws found in the software of multiple cars have granted access to personal information about the drivers, their location, or their accounts with the manufacturers. These are only a few examples of data obtained. Access can be gained with little information, in some cases only the VIN was needed. Most of the manufacturers have addressed the flaws and a full analysis of the tested brands can be found linked below.

CypherRat Malware
by Artie Kaye

An iteration of the SpyNote family of malware, CypherRat’s source code was uploaded to GitHub recently. Since this release, it has seen increased presence in the wild, impersonating common apps and financial institutions. The properties of the malware harvest data, including 2FA messages, movements, and screen interaction. The infected apps traditionally come from third party installs, however, there have been past instances of infected apps making their way into official stores. Double check any app before installing.