News for September 28, 2022

Google Retiring Manifest V2 in 2023
by Artie Kaye

Extensions in Chrome have to meet certain standards and criteria to function properly.  The current iteration Manifest V2 will be retired starting in 2023, replaced with V3 entirely by June.  This will require extensions to be updated to function under the new required parameters.  One of the functions that is on the chopping block, is the ability for extensions to contact an online server to access information.  This requires all extensions to be compartmentalized and complete.  This can prevent a malicious extension downloading and installing something when it is added.  It can also prevent ad blockers from loading an updated database of blocked sites.–chrome-ad-blockers.html

Fast Company Was Hacked
by Artie Kaye

The magazine’s content management system was taken over and multiple offensive messages were sent out using their name.  These notices came across as Apple News alerts.  The company’s main website is currently down, replaced with an explanation of what happened.  When doing business online there are many avenue that are available, and all have to be checked for security.  If you are using a secondary service, be it Apple News or WordPress, making sure that those with access have strong passwords and multifactor authentication activated to help mitigate events such as this.

Chrome 106 Patch
by Artie Kaye

Google has pushed out the next version of their browser, with 20 security vulnerabilities addressed.  If you run Chrome or a browser based on it, update when it is available.