News Week Ending April 24, 2022

GPU Can be Used to Identify You Online
by Artie Kaye

DrawnApart is a means of tracking people online using the GPU in your computer.  A tracking program activates when you visit a webpage and runs as a small background task.  The process builds a profile of your machine’s GPU.  The manufacturing process can produce varying degrees of quality that go above the base specifications.  These variances make each card unique.  If enough information is gathered across multiple tracking instances, then it becomes possible to identify a user by their GPU as they browse the internet.  The easiest prevention for this currently is to disable WebGL for browsers, but this can cause many websites to not function.

Fake Malware Tools Claiming to Help Ukraine
by Artie Kaye

The online support for Ukraine has led to some people creating fake tools that contain malware. One claiming to be a DDoS tool known as Liberator is being propagated on Telegram.  The actual software is illegal to use.  The fake software will install malware.  Highly recommended to avoid both.