News Week Ending March 20, 2022

Lapsus$ Hacks Samsung 
by Artie Kaye

Samsung confirmed on March 7th that they had been hacked.  The hackers copied information from their servers related to the Galaxy system code.  Samsung states that no personal data was copied.  Ransoming the data is what normally happens after attacks like this, but all 190 gigs were posted online for anyone to access.

Nvidia Hack Worsens, Fake Signatures Approved
by Artie Kaye

Nvidia was hacked and among the information that hackers obtained was signature data.  Though the signatures are older and no longer authorized by Nvidia, Windows will still recognize them as authentic. This can allow for malware to masquerade as video drivers.  The easiest thing would be for Windows to stop recognizing no longer valid signatures, but until that is implemented, anything related to your graphics card drivers needing to be updated, be cautious.