News Week Ending March 13, 2022

New Russian Certificate Authority
by Artie Kaye

With the recent changes in Russia’s position in the world, and many online entities refusing to allow traffic into or out of Russia, the country has started to issue their own certificate authorities, or CA’s.  CA’s are the digital signature that your browser gets from a website that says that it is a safe, trusted, or an authentic website.  It is how the internet has communicated for the last couple decades.  CA’s need to be renewed over time to keep security running smoothly.  The CA’s for many companies within Russia will lapse and will be unable to be renewed, but the new CA’s could be used in their place.  This will allow for many websites or domains to no longer be seen as safe to visit, or even recognized as valid.

WordPress Vulnerabilities Continue to Increase
by Artie Kaye

WordPress has a lot of security problems according to a recent report.  These problems do not stem from WordPress itself, but the plugin’s that users load to run on their site or manage information.  Another vector is the themes.  These things can sit for months or years before having exploits patched because the majority of them are not created by WordPress.  The good news, there are third parties working to find and fix problems with these potentially harmful add-ons.  If you use WordPress, be careful with the plugins and themes.