News Week Ending February 27, 2022

Google Workspace Removing Free Accounts
by Artie Kaye

Starting May 1st 2022 Google is discontinuing their free Google Workspace program.  This service is changing to G Suite and will require subscription fees.  This change will not affect how you can access your data, but you will need to pay to continue using the services.  If you do not need to use the services, Google has added a tool to export your data.

Google Drive Now Warns About Suspicious Files
by Artie Kaye

Users of Google Workspace and G Suite will start seeing popups about potentially malicious files when they try to open them.  These will be banners warning about the file being opened.  This is in response to the increase of malicious files being spread via Google Drive.  These warnings cannot be turned off.

Bill Introduced to Ban Surveillance Advertising
by Artie Kaye

Legislatures have introduced the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act.  This has the intended purpose of preventing the use of targeted advertisements based on data collected from a person’s web activity.  This will not block advertisements that are relevant to the website being visited, or general advertisements.  This is intended to help protect the privacy of users online.