News Week Ending February 20, 2022

49ers Ransomware Attack
by Artie Kaye

BlackByte, a ransomware organization, took credit for a recent attack on the corporate servers for the San Francisco 49er’s football team. The 49er’s staff are working with law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals.  It is not believed that public information was copied, and that the data was all related to the corporate running of the team.

TikTok Circumvents Apple/Google Privacy Protections
by Artie Kaye

Google and Apple’s app stores have rules in place to help protect their users from harmful software.  TikTok uses a means of circumventing these barriers by downloading the latest build directly from the TikTok servers, every time the program is run.  Security experts have reservations that this could allow greater access to personal data on the device as the code being downloaded would not be analyzed by third parties.  The company has released statements that it follows the guidelines of both app stores.  The app itself is not available in its home country of China.